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Latest Casetracker update

A new update of casetracker can be found here. However before downloading it take backup of your cases. To do this use the backup option under the cases menu. it will also be safer to take a full backup of c:\program files\Sanjeevani software\casetracker folder.

Download this upgrade and install it. (click here to start) (2.4 mb) It has

1. Better back and restore options
2. Improved cases printing
3. Improved auto prescription
4. Improved compounder linkage
5. Compatibility with swipe card readers

Backup of cases

It is very important to take frequent backup of your cases. In case of your computer failure, if the backup is not taken you might loose all your cases. All your cases are stored in file case.spj which you will find in your default casetracker folder which is c:\program files\sanjeevani software\casetracker.