Installation Instructions
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Face Reader Installation & Instructions

System requirement:

Operating system:
Windows 95/98/Me/xp

Pentium processor

64 MB of RAM

Hard Disk:
75 MB of hard disk space

Installation Instructions:

a) Download the setup.exe file by clicking the download icon.

b) If prompted, click Save, Save File, or "Save this program to disk," depending on which option you see. (Not all Web browsers prompt you for this. For example, Netscape simply presents the Save As dialog box as described in the next step.)

c) When the Save As or similar dialog box appears, click the "Save in" drop-down box, and select Desktop as the location in which to save the file. (The following screen shot shows the Save As dialog box that you will see with Windows 98. The Save As dialog box will look slightly different with other operating systems.)

d) Click Save, and wait for the download to finish.

e) Once the download finishes, double click the setup files to start the installation.

f) Follow the instructions prompted on the screen to complete installation.

To Start Software:

Click start > Programs > Face Reader