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ISIS Story

When I developed the first Cara system back in 1981 I had no idea what would result. Cara started as a software system for the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital who wanted to repertorise using Kent's Repertory. In those early days I worked closely with Dr Michael Jenkins and we worked hard to make Cara easy to use. In fact the name chosen, Cara, means 'friendly' in Gaelic. Throughout the 80's and 90's Cara continued to develop and grow. During this time Cara gained the reputation of being really easy to use and a cost-effective way of getting started with homeopathic computer software.
Subsequent upgrades and developments saw it transform into a software tool used by thousands of homeopaths all over the world.

At the start of the 21st century I decided the time was right to create a new homeopathic software program. This work has taken 2 years of my life and has been named ISIS. ISIS is the first genuinely new homeopathic software product that has been released for many years. Although homeopathy has been well served by the various software products available, all of them were originally written many years ago. Even
relatively old computers have much greater capabilities than are being used. And of course homoeopaths are becoming more sophisticated in their demands of their software as they realise the possibilities.

We know that most homoeopaths use only a limited part of their software (even with Cara which many believe to be the simplest to use) because it is difficult or complex. So when designing ISIS I have ensured that even greater ease of use was the top priority. I wanted to create something visually appealing that homeopaths would enjoy using every day. A programme where it is easy to get around from one feature to another without having to memorise a complex route - and where as much information as possible is on the screen at one time. And I wanted to offer homoeopaths the opportunity to use their computer to analyse their cases using the models developed recently by some of the masters of homoeopathy.

You can start using ISIS as soon as it is installed, and get terrific results. Then as time goes by and as your knowledge and practice develops ISIS will support your journey. Even though we have a great many homoeopathic friends who share their thinking with us, ISIS has been designed to give the flexibility to work as you wish, and aims to enrich your homeopathic practice. I hope you enjoy ISIS !