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ISIS Features

Streamlined, ease of use - Repertories, Materia Medicas and Dictionary all on one screen.

• Latest homeopathic thinking built-in (including a feature using Sankaran's new Insights).

• Direct internet connection - into homeopathic chat rooms or to pick up software updates and new provings automatically.

• Use of latest technology e.g.: attach photographs to rubrics, remedies or patient record notes - even run videos in the new Rx screen section.

• On-screen Tutorials! Hear and watch David Witko, the creator of ISIS, explain how you can get the most benefit out of ISIS on your computer!

• Keynotes and Rx relationships that are amendable - make them your own and exchange them with others.

• Huge library of books - including many contemporary authors (e.g. Vermeulen, Scholten, Sankaran etc). . Latest provings as they are released.

• Listen to over 120 lectures on Rx & view over 400 photographs of Rxs.

• Space to add you own notes (keep all your data in one place!).

• Corrections made to botanical classifications of Rxs (a real labor of love!).