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The First Step Towards Paperless office

Since last few years there has been a tremendous increase in the use of computers by homeopaths. Many Homeopathic (Repertory and materia medica) softwares have come in the market. This has improved the prescription of a homoeopath, but unfortunately no one has concentrated on maintaining the patients records through the computers.Now an average homeopath when tries to enter case-history of a patient into the computer then he hardly achieves 20-25 words per minute, which means that only 20-30% of history is recorded. This is a major drawback. Also because of the diversity in History-taking by various homoeopaths, no CASE-TAKING software has gained popularity.

By launching this software “CASE TRACKER2000”, we have tried to bridge this gap and provide to homeopaths unique software, which is a STEP TOWARDS A PAPERLESS OFFICE.

This software has a standardized case record, with good pictorial icons and easy maneuverability with the keyboard. All the functions are available with mouse and keyboard, and you are free to use whichever is easy for you.One of the important features is autocomplete feature. i.e. when you want to enter patients family history – Diabetes mellitus – after typing two words ‘Di’ it gets autocompleted to Diabetes mellitus. Thus saving lot of your time to enter common words.

Some of the highlights of case tracker software are

1) Maintaining all your patients records and follow-up -: All your patients records are maintained according to name, surname and registration number. Any patient’s case can be easily located by simple search function

2) Maintaining all your patients accounts -: You can now maintain complete record of your daily & monthly collections, & view the balance amount at the time of follow-ups.

3) Maintaining your daily appointments and schedules -: Complete maintenance of your appointments and schedules.

4) Maintaining facilities like Bills, Certificates, prescription through computers -:

5) Printing-: Your cases and follow-ups. For submissions to journals, lecture preparations etc….