Dr. Pravin B. Jain, director of Homeocases.org has worked arduously to make homeopathy known to the common mass and reach out homeopaths with a vast source of information.

Quiet, unassuming and a skillful person that he is, his sound Homeopathic knowledge coupled with his computer skills have propelled various websites like Predictive homeopathy and IIHP (Mumbai) to great heights. He conceptualised the now famous www.predictivehomeopathy.com, which put Predictive homeopathy into cyberspace and enabled it to cross national and international barriers.

He has also authored 2 Books :
1) 'Encyclopedia of Mind as it is and
2) 'Repertory the basic understanding' which are well appreciated in india and abroad.

His special interest in Child Psychology has inspired him to deal with pediatric cases with much ease.He has presented several papers on 'Pediatric case taking' in Jalandhar, Mahableshwar, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar and Pune.He has also lectured to MD students in hyderabad and Aurangabad. His paper was also well appreciated in Israel and his book on Pediatrics 'Essentials of pediatric casetaking in homeopathy' is awaited.

He is Patron Trustee of The Rajasthan Medical society and research centre which is running a 150 bedded charitable hospital in Rajasthan.Recently he has been appointed as Examiner and Inspector from the IASE Deemed university GVM.Rajasthan to overlook the functioning of the homeopathic colleges in India and improve standards of Homeopathic education.